Colourpop Nectar Collection

It is crazy to think it is already spring, I will always be a autumn girl personally but something about the spring always puts a smile on my face. Makes me think of lazy Sundays, tan skin, cute outfits and Mexican food. Ehh, I know. But non the less, Colourpop Cosmetics released “Phase 1” of their spring line and I have to say…I am OBSESSED! Nectar was the golden theme for this phase and I couldn’t be more in love with all my purchases. Lets just dive in before I get too carried away…

Phase 1: Nectar


Would you look at that? Oh my goodness, what an awesome collection. I didn’t purchase everything but I did get everything I wanted from the collection.

Now lets start off with the star of the whole Nectar phase… The Knockout Palette

Blush: Excuse My French (matte peach) / Highlight: Like to Watch (peach with duo chrome gold flip)

This is Colourpop’s first pressed blush and it is STUNNING. If you’re looking for the perfect warm spring peach color, this is it! In addition to that, the highlight that also comes in the palette is EVERYTHING. I do not own any highlight color similar to this. It is a unique peach/nectar glow that is a perfect pairing with the blush.

Next would be the Super Shock blush they also released that I had to have, Drop of a Hat.


Does your mouth not just drop?! This is one of the most gorgeous blush colors I have ever seen. It is a pearlized peach with a gold duo chrome sheen. This is personally the first super shock blush I have ever purchased but I heard applying this with a damp beauty blender or your fingers is the best way to go.

Then lastly I purchased one of the single eyeshadows, Cut-Outs, which is a stunning matte dusty coral shade. As well a Ultra Satin in Likely, a soft nude peach; and the Faded lip pencil, a beautiful rosy coral shade.

L-R: Likey (Ultra Satin), Faded (pencil), Cut-Outs (shadow), Drop of a Hat (Blush), Excuse My French & Like to Watch (The Knockout Palette)

Such a wonderful collection, by far one of my absolute favorites so far that Colourpop has ever released. Looking forward to see what else the spring phases have to come.

Curious about the Alexis Ren x Colourpop collab? CLICK HERE to read my review and see swatches of the collection.

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