“Go-To” Summer Beauty Products/June Favorites

“This summer has been “Go, Go, Go” for me, so essentially all my favorites have been my “Go-To” products for the last month.

1. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure “I Lilac You”

Honestly I don’t like the color purple at all however, I catch myself always going for the frosty pink/purples or lavender/lilac hues during the summer. These nail polishes are great, I love Sally Hansen nail polishes, one coat is all you need and the color pay off is great.

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2. Mac Lipstick in “Sushi Kiss”

As I mentioned in my “Favorite Summer Lippie” post, this lipstick has become probably my favorite for the summer. The color is a true vibrant creamsicle tone that I can’t help but always want to pick up.

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3. Milani Rose Petal Blush in 03 “Warm Petals”

These blushes are amazing, if you can get your hands on one, I highly recommend it! This color is a wonderful warm, almost bronze tone that is accented with a beautiful highlight. I love to wear this over my matte bronzer (usually my Benefit Hoola or Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer) then put whatever blush on the apples of my cheeks. Or if I want to do a more “natural” or just something to add a glow, then Ill skip the bronzer and use this blush alone!

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4. Maybelline Eye Studio Quad in “Bare it Buff”

This is a limited edition product but it is great nude/bare quad; this is perfect for a simple “no makeup” look or compliments a winged liner well since they are not bold colors. The matte brown shade is perfect for the outer corner to just add a little definition without being over powering. Three out of four are matte shades and I picked mine up at Walgreens.

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5. Urban Decay All Night Makeup Setting Spray

This product is the first setting spray I have been trying out and so far I really like it. I would say it is like a “hairspray” for your face. I will spray it on after my makeup is done or I will spray some on before I put on my primer. I for sure notice my makeup last longer than usual when I wear this product; even if I sweat, it doesn’t seem to be a problem for this setting spray.

June Favorites 283

6. NYX Lip Liner in “Rose”

I absolutely LOVE this liner! I am a huge lip liner person, I absolutely believe that it can enhance any lipstick combination for any look. NYX liners are always a winner for me… from the color to how long they last, I think they are great. “Rose” has been my #1 “go-to” liner for almost every look this summer; it is such a beautiful pink rose color and for the price, you can’t beat it!

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7. Mac’s Mineralization Skin Finish in “Soft and Gentle”

Common…let’s talk about a classic; this MSF is a must have of highlights. Goes great for any skin tone, perfect for summer, excellent color pay off! If you are unsure of a highlight or just getting into them then stick with a classic and go for Mac’s “Soft and Gentle”!

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  1. Ohhh you have fantastic taste!! :)) I love sushi kiss a ton, I haven’t picked it up yet though just swatched it–maybe I’ll order it today haha! :))

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