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Oh..August……You approached so quickly! Let the countdown begin to fall semester. It is a bittersweet year for me..

1. I’m a SENIOR at FSU (go noles!)

2. Final year to make these last months count as an undergrad!

So many opportunities, so little time.

But for this post, I was trying to think about signature looks, new beginnings, fresh starts; life is full of blossoming opportunities and if you know me, it is safe to say, I will generally take them. What does one have to lose? When it comes to beauty and makeup, most people have their own style…whether is it red lips, long lashes, bronze goddess, perfect brows, anything; it’s about finding the key components with each look! So for these “new beginnings”, why not get a jump start on your signature look or trying something new, lets figure out how to enhance the already wonderful YOU!

Let’s begin with…

“Smoldering & Smokey”

When I worked at Sephora, I would ALWAYS get asked how to achieve a smokey eye or what products would work best. So I thought Ashley Benson would be the perfect example on how to get that sexy/edgy/youthful look without looking like you just woke up in the back seat of your car after a long night of partying, ha.


(Also…who doesn’t love PLL?)

Here are my product suggestions on how to achieve this look…

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1. L’oreal’s Voluminous Smoldering Eyeline: $8.99

Love this eyeliner, it is the perfect drug store liner to create an intense and edgy smokey eye look. Glides on easily like a coal pencil and usually comes with its own sharpener, so it is like a 2 in 1!

2. Mac’s “Stay Pretty” Blush: $25

This soft, yet pigmented blush, is a Pro Longwear Blush…which mean this baby isn’t going anywhere! These are about an 8 hour wear without fading and seem to be a great match to Ms. Benson’s look.

3. Neutrogena Shine Control Powder: $10.99

This powder is exactly what is states “shine control”, which is excellent for the always desired matte look. This powder is a MUST in my makeup routine and definitely helps with the longevity of my look.

4. Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm “Coquette”: $6.99

These lip balms are my absolute favorite, I personally am more attracted to the matte shades but for this look, “Coquette” will do the trick.

“Natural Beauty”

Can we just…ugh, LOVE Shailene Woodley and I adore her style.; she is fierce without trying, a true beauty just by being herself! Such an amazing idol for the younger generation and her look is no different. No matter what Shailene is rocking, her makeup look is a simple and fresh highlight to her already fantastic features.

Let’s just enhance what you have…


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1. Bare Minerals Bareskin Foundation: $29

When I worked at Sephora, Bare Minerals was the #1 selling brand in the store. When I heard this fact, I was kind of taken back until I tried the product for myself. These product are not meant to conceal but to make your natural skin glow! The Bareskin foundation feels like a second skin and glides on with ease. Perfect for the everyday look!

2. Maybelline Pumped Up Colossal Mascara: $5.94

With such a simple look, lashes are a must! This mascara is absolutely amazing!!! Full of volume and gives your lashes a great boost!

3. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder “Luminous Light”: $45

This highlighter is beautiful, the perfect glow to embellish your natural beauty!

4. Mac’s “Peach Blossom” Lipstick: $15

Everyone needs a peach lipstick in their life; a light wash of this lippie is exactly what this Shailene Woodley look needs to create the perfect pairing.

“The Classic”

This is exactly what it means.. classic. Everyone wants to achieve the perfect cat eye or find the exact shade of red that you saw one of the Kardashians wear. This look is a timeless staple that goes with any glamorous look! Take some notes from Lauren Conrad who’s winged liner is always to perfection and never leaves the house without a red lippie in her purse (just in case of emergencies).


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1. Benefit’s They’re Real Push Up Liner: $24

Well I will for sure say that this liner takes some time getting use to, however, with its gel formula and custom angled tip it creates a flawless cat eye. Also if you are looking for a product that will last ALL night… this is it.


Milani’s Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eye Liner: $7.79

This is my favorite drug store liquid liner… well, actually…my favorite in general! Extremely comparable to Stila’s liquid felt tip liners. If you can write with a pen, you can use this liner.

2. Mac’s “Melba” Blush: $21

If you don’t have this blush in your collection… it’s time to invest! This blush goes with almost anything; it is the perfect shade between pink and peach so it is a great pairing to many skin tones.

3. Sephora’s Luster Matte Long-Wear Lip Color “Scarlet”: $16

These products are like a liquid lipstick with rich colors and long stay power. They go on sheer but eventually appear matte without drying or cracking; therefore, a great way to tie in Lauren’s signature look.

“Bronzed Goddess”

Last but never least, that flawless bronzed glow that Shay Mitchell achieves with ease! This other gorgeous PLL actress always looks impeccable from her legendary “Emily” curls to her famous instagram.


1. Benefit_Hoola_Bronzer_Powder_8g_1363873860.png2. bac1ced193bb7dd8b46ca6039f866607

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1. Benefit Hoola Bronzer: $28

Everyone knows about this matte bronzer but there is a reason why it is so legendary. Don’t be thrown off by the light shade because once applied it is a whole other story. Super natural, yet defining, perfect for the year round glow! If you want to go down the more dramatic side, try Nar’s Laguna Bronzer, $38.

2. Mac’s Mineralized Skin Finish in “Soft and Gentle”: $32

If you are looking for a reliable highlighter with the perfect blend of colors, this MSF is just the trick. I LOVE this highlighter and it glides wonderfully with any color I pair it with! Excellent match for Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer.

3. Maybelline Eyeshadow Quad in “Chai Latte”: $4.99

To keep a look simple, any kind of eyeshadow quad/colors will do the trick. Chai Latte are excellent everyday colors with the perfect crease/transition color and easily complimented with gold and brown tones.

4. Maybelline Color Whisper in “Petal Rebel”: $4.39

LOVE color whispers! Amazing sheer color that goes great over any lip liners to add a certain pop to the look!

Hope this helped! Walk into this new school year confident and fresh!

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