Apple Cider Sangria for the Holidays


Not into Eggnog? Here is a delicious holiday fall/winter alternative that I believe everyone will love!

Here is my little disclaimer: This recipe is for all my 21+ readers! So, be responsible! I am not a drinker personally, I rather eat! But I am a party and event planner and this sangria is ALWAYS a hit whenever I make it!

Lets get started!

This is a double batch considering we are making this for a party! Try and use a larger container than what I have for the example!


Apple Cider

Large bottle of any Pinot Grigio

Ginger Brandy

5 Honey Crisp Apples

1 Pear

Club Soda


Step 1: Dice up all your apples and pear and place it in whatever container you would like your sangria to go in.


Step 2: Pour the entire bottle of pinot grigio into the container.

appsang6 appsang8Step 3: Add one cup of the ginger brandy


Step 4: Add 2 cups of club soda


Step 5: Last, I personally fill the rest of the container with cold apple cider. The more apple cider, the better; I go for taste.


Step 6: Give it a mix and let it sit refrigerated for a couple of hours before serving.


THEN….BAM….Apple Cider Sangria!

Don’t forget to mix again before serving; feel free to get zesty and add a cinnamon stick or a spoon full of pomegranate (yum!). Make it your own!


And most of all…

Don’t forget to share 🙂



Fantastic Photo Credit: Jesus Calo

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