Makeup Look: Emerald Green Eye Liner

Makeup Look: Simple Emerald Green Liner

Well it’s a beautiful rainy summer day… so makeup tutorial it is!

I thought this rich emerald green liner look would be simple, versatile, and would look great on all eye colors.

Blog Makeup Look 1 335

So if you would like to get this look, keep on reading and ENJOY!

Product List:

Blog Makeup Look 1 342

Mac’s “Blonc Type”

Mac’s “Soft Brown”

Mac’s “Brown Script”

NYX’s “Emerald City”

L’oreal’s gel liner

Mabelline’s “Pumped Up Colossal Volume” mascara

L’oreal’s “Voluminous” mascara

Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette


After I prep and prime my eyes, I cover my entire lid, brow bone, everything with Mac’s “Blanc Type”.

Blog Makeup Look 1 343Blog Makeup Look 1 344

Blog Makeup Look 1 320


Next, I use Mac’s “Soft Brown”, quite possibly one of the best transition matte brown colors I have ever used; and with a large fluffy brush I put it all over the crease. This step doesn’t need to be exact, it is only meant to define the eye’s natural crease.

Blog Makeup Look 1 345 Blog Makeup Look 1 346

Blog Makeup Look 1 321 Blog Makeup Look 1 322


After, place Mac’s “Brown Script” in the outer corner and into the crease; making the outer corner darker than the crease. Once you do this, make sure to take that same fluffy brush you used for the “Soft Brown”, with no additional product, and blend out your entire eye to eliminate any harsh lines that could of been created.

Blog Makeup Look 1 347 Blog Makeup Look 1 348

Blog Makeup Look 1 323 Blog Makeup Look 1 324


Next, you take the NYX’s “Emerald City”, a gorgeous and rich deep green color, in which you ultimately want to create a cat eye but I first just make one simple line with the pencil.

Blog Makeup Look 1 349 Blog Makeup Look 1 350

Blog Makeup Look 1 325


After you draw on the line across your lid, create a small triangle on the outer corner and work your way into the original line, making the outer corner thicker than the inside of your eye. This should essentially build the cat eye we are looking for! Many people have asked me how I accomplish the cat eye, because trust me when I say, I know it is hard! But as cliche as it may seem….Practice makes perfect with cat eyes, the more tries, the better!

Blog Makeup Look 1 327


Now we need to define that cat eye a little more, so I like to go in with L’oreal’s gel liner in blackest black and draw in a smaller line, following the outer corner to the middle. Same as the emerald cat eye, but we are trying to create definition more in the outside than the in.

Blog Makeup Look 1 353

Blog Makeup Look 1 330


Almost done! Before I apply mascara, I like to blend the two brown Mac shadows underneath my waterline, give it a slight smoke look. Might not seem important but, BLEND.

Blog Makeup Look 1 333


Mascara time! I like to use Mabelline’s “Pumped Up Colossal Volume” and L’oreal’s “Voluminous” mascara to both top and bottom lashes.

Blog Makeup Look 1 354


Lastly, I add a highlight to my inner tear ducts and brow bone. Any highlight will do, I particularly like to use Urban Decay’s Naked 2 “Foxy” and “Booty Call”.

Blog Makeup Look 1 358


And…. VIOLA! You are all done!


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