Halloween: DIY 1920s Flapper Headband

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Halloween is almost here! I LOVE HOLIDAYS! The Harry Potter Marathon all weekend on ABCFamily has been making my last 48 hours quite amazing, despite how busy my life has been lately (usually). But non the less, since Halloween is around the corner, I thought this DIY would be a fun way to get creative while still looking perfect for the classic roaring 1920s flapper or Great Gatsby character. I didn’t see this tutorial anywhere or copied a picture, this is my own creation, so feel free to tweak or make it as individualized as you like! This is your costume 🙂

Lets get started…

Supplies & Materials

Halloween Flapper Headband 271

Besides the hot gun, which I already have, I purchased basically everything from Hobby Lobby, except the ribbons I bought at Michaels. You don’t need both ribbons, I just thought variety would be nice.

By the way, BEWARE, anyone who is holiday or Christmas OBSESSED…. don’t go to Hobby Lobby. Send in a friend if you have to. I almost had a panic attack in excitement from all the endless amounts of holiday cheer, glitter, sparkle, red & green, Santa and Jesus. I couldn’t. My heart couldn’t handle it. I was only in there for flapper supplies! I physically had to remove myself from that half of the store. ha…but anyway… you’ve been warned.


  1. Hot Glue Gun
  2. Ribbon of your choice
  3. Two White Fancy Feathers (Hobby Lobby) or any bulk feather appliques of your choice.
  4. Large jewelry/broach applique
  5. Six large rhinestones
  6. Six small rhinestones
  7. if needed, tweezers

Now lets get creative.

Step 1: Cut out and measure the size of your ribbon as the base for your flapper headband. I personally wanted to have a bow when I tied it in the back, therefore, I made mine a little longer. Completely optional how long you would like to have it. Mine was 39 inches.

Halloween Flapper Headband 273

Step 2: Since I decided to use a ribbon instead of an actual headband, just remember to burn the edges of the cuts to prevent frailing (be careful!).

Halloween Flapper Headband 278

Step 3: Wrap the ribbon around your head and mark where you would like your creation to rest on. I personally marked mine to the right of the ribbon.

Halloween Flapper Headband 279

Step 4: Grab your two feathers and flip them over to hot glue the two together. I did not want to glue them right on top of another but just simply overlapping them so that it essentially made into one large feather applique.

Halloween Flapper Headband 282 Halloween Flapper Headband 283

Step 5: After you glue the two feathers together, glue the whole thing to where you marked on your ribbon.

Halloween Flapper Headband 284

Step 6: Once the feathers are officially glued to the ribbon, take the large jewelry or broach piece and glue it in the bottom center.

Halloween Flapper Headband 287 Halloween Flapper Headband 288

Now, at this point, you are more then welcome to stop here! This would be simple and beautiful for the flapper look. But if you want to add a little pizazz…then keep going!

Step 7: Next, take your larger rhinestones and glue one stone to each point of the broach.

Halloween Flapper Headband 291 Halloween Flapper Headband 295

Once again, feel free to stop after this step…but if you want to be over the top and gaudy like me…see last step.

Step 8: Take your smaller rhinestones and glue one in between every larger rhinestone.

Halloween Flapper Headband 300

and BAM! You’re DONE!

Halloween Flapper Headband 304

Now just put it on, add some pearls and you’re good to go!

Halloween Flapper Headband 310 Halloween Flapper Headband 315  Halloween Flapper Headband 321 Don’t forget to look out for my flapper makeup tutorial coming soon…


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