Top “High End” Eyeshadow Palettes for Fall 14′

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Oh, I am in such a fantastic fall mood! Life just seems THAT much better! While starting to prepare for my upcoming HALLOWEEN looks this month, I thought it would be good to post about the classic or new palettes for the this lovely fall season.

Let’s get started…

1. Lorac Pro Palette

This eyeshadow palette is classic and absolutely beautiful. Lorac Pro Palette offers 16 highly pigmented warm shades, with all mattes on the top and shimmers on the bottom. Plus you receive a mini eyeshadow primer to go along with it. You could probably live with only using this and the 2nd Lorac Pro Palette and be set for life; they’re complete blend-able, beautiful, warm, and great for all eye colors/skin types/eye shapes, etc. “Warm” is definitely what I love to go for during these fall and winter seasons therefore….spend the $42.


2. Stila’s “Eyes Are the Window” Eyeshadow Palette

Stila just released 4 separate palettes within this collect to celebrate 20 years of “style”, therefore, creating 4 “Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul” luxury color palettes.  Even though they are all gorgeous colors, my favorite of the 4 would be the all matte “Mind” palette. These collection of shadows both cool and warm tones that I believe can tie in an entire look. Plus the packaging is absolutely luxurious! $49


3. Urban Decay Naked Basic’s 2

I was working at Sephora when the original Naked Basics was released and it was absolutely impossible to keep this product on the shelves. Well…more like all the Naked palettes were always sold out; get your Urban Decay stuff early because by Black Friday…you’re screwed. Anyway, to be honest, I never personally was dying to own the original Naked Basics just because of how incredibly fair the colors (in my opinion) would appear on my skin, I need a little more pop or warmth in my looks. However, I was completely intrigued by UD’s new release of the Naked Basic’s 2 that had me wanting more. I love that even though these colors are cooler than the original, that they all play in the taupe category. This palette follows the same, all matte, pattern as the first but introduces 5 never before seen eyeshadow colors. $29


4. Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Of course everyone loves that this palette and many of Too Faced products have the delicious sweet smell of chocolate but this palette also features 16 beautiful plum and warm neutral brown colors  that are just so perfect for fall. I think plum is fantastic when trying to pull of an edgier smokey eye or just need a touch of purple to make your look pop. Plus, this chocolate bar wont melt in your purse! $49


There you have it! Classic colors for fall that you know will always stay in style during these many cool and cold months! Now, Go Shop!

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