Valentine’s Day Guide to Gift Giving

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Valentine’s Day, the day of love! As loving as this holiday is suppose to be, it could be slightly stressful when it boils down to gifts or what to do. What do you get someone who you only been dating for a month or been together with for five years; it could be challenging! I have been told that I have the “gift of gift giving”, so non the less, this is my personal Valentine’s Day guide to gifts!

Alright all my Valentine newbies, this should be quick and painless! There is no need to sweat over this intimidating day; my best advice for beginning couples is to keep the the date thoughtful and the gifts simple. For instance, as far the date is concerned, women want to know that their boyfriend is better than “Mr. Big” or my personal favorite, “Chuck Bass”. Therefore men, think ahead, plan out your date slightly in advance; your girlfriend is probably praying that you have something up your sleeve or there are flowers arriving at her door at any moment. So do it! Newbies, send the flowers or delivery them yourself during the day; trust me when I say, there is nothing more glorious then receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers and all your friends or co-workers are there witnessing the romantic gesture.

Is she not into flowers, bring her favorite Starbucks coffee or go to your local bakery and pick up a cupcake for two. A sweet gesture in my opinion is more romantic when you’re first dating then a big extravagant gift. Where do you go from there when you already bought her the biggest diamond you can find? Not necessary yet! When it comes to the date, make sure to have made the reservations ahead of time, and stay away from chain businesses; show your girl she is slightly better than Chilis please….

Short on cash? Cook dinner! Then grab a redbox! Just as long as you have a clear idea of the date, then it shouldn’t be a struggle. It is when you are making decisions by the seat of your pants is when things might not turn out well; plus, it just shows your relationship wasn’t important enough to think ahead. Think about the date ahead of time and keep the gifts simple.

Gifts for the Boys
Shopping for guys could seem absolutely impossible sometimes, however, it doesn’t have to be! To be honest, I truly believe most men just want to be with their date and to see them happy or excited on what they planned for the holiday. But giving them a little something is always lovely too! In my personal opinion, men like to feel like you really know them. Maybe bake them their favorite cookies or if they are workout junkies, pick up a few new workout shirts or accessories. Try and get them something that they will use in their everyday lives or to help benefit them in something that they may part take in. Maybe get creative and build a cute little basket of all their faves, such as mini travel size liquor bottles, candy, snacks, movies, etc. You know your man, no need to be nervous about what to get them.

Relationship Babies
Oh monogamy, I love it. I have personally been in a relationship for a little over 5 years and…. Yeah…. Cue Cupid and the floating hearts <3

Non the less, sometimes it feels like you need to out beat the previous year or that it may seem impossible to impress. But to be honest, or at least in my own relationship, I am just thrilled to death to know that I get to spend undivided attention with my man. HOWEVER, men…please don’t think that your girlfriend, fiancé, wife, or whoever doesn’t love flowers, chocolates, romantic gestures, coffee, whatever! Enjoy one another but don’t forget that women want to know that you were thinking about them. Diamonds, watches, cars, and jewelry are absolutely fabulous…but, if it’s not happening this time around, make your partner feel as special as possible.

If you’re curious about what I gave my man last year, he loves candles and likes to definitely spend money to get great scented, long lasting candles. Therefore, I bought him a handful of new candles and picked up a big box of matches that said ” You’re My Perfect Match” on the front, plus a movie he has been dying to see. Corny? Yup. But I know he loved it, he used them, and he always remembers I think of him. Just remind yourself that you are buying for your best friend.


Perfect. Let me just say that my roommate is basically my secret mistress….. You laugh, but it is sadly true. Honestly, there is no need to hate on the holiday if you don’t have that “special someone”. Love is love, doesn’t have to be limited to a boyfriend or girlfriend… let your love shine and spend it with your friend, roomie, family, etc.

If my roommate and I were single, we would probably make reservations for 2 and have a bomb ass time. Good stuff. Ha, I still pick her up “cute little thoughts” for Valentine’s Day every year, whether its candy, wine, new makeup, hot sauce (shes obsessed), movies…little thoughts!

I hope this post lighten up and Valentine’s Day stress or worry. Just remember most of all that you know your love and they just want to spend the holiday with you!

Happy Valentine’s Day <3

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