Colourpop Sand Collection

Phase 3 of the Colourpop spring collection has just arrived and they are featuring a  “Sand” theme; so bring on the perfect nudes and neutrals! I personally was not excited about the Phase 2, Pink collection, after coming off the makeup high from the Phase 1, Nectar, therefore, I decided to wait for Sand to release. And may I say……it was worth the wait.

I purchased a few eyeshadows and the beloved Pressed Powder Face Duo.


Double Play Palette:

This palette features one matte blush and one pearlized highlighter.

  • Getting Handsy: matte blush; warm nude
  • Padded Down: pearlized highlighter; warm champagne

Now in pictures, this palette is very pretty but is doesn’t even compare to when you actually open this baby up in person. I love a warm neutral nude blush, on my skin tone…it really warms the face in a positive/non-orange way.

However… the star of the show is this highlighter…oh my God. This highlighter is EVERYTHING……….EVERYYYYTHINGGGGG! First off, the color is a beautiful light champagne color and finger swatched, it is gorgeous. But on the skin……. Lord. It was like melted sugar sitting on the tops of my cheeks; it is the most stunning wet looking highlighter I have ever put on my face. LOVE. You ALLLLLL need.


L-R: Full-Zip, Ringer, Side Tracked  … Getting Hands, Padded Down (Double Play Palette)



Pressed Shadows: Full-Zip, Ringer, Side Tracked

  • Full-Zip: matte warm ivory
  • Ringer: metallic warm champagne
  • Side Tracked: matte terracotta with gold flecks

These are certainly my kinds of shades and they’re absolutely gorgeous in person. I have to say the Colorpop pressed eyeshadows have become some of my absolute favorite shadow formulas ever. They’re inexpensive, buttery, and very blendable.

CLICK HERE to read my full review on pressed powders.

These shadows were featured in the Heavy Hitter quad, but the only reason I didn’t purchase the full set is because I already own “Top Notch” (which is truthfully one of the best shadows from Colourpop) from the original pressed powder release. Love every shade, even “Side Tracked”, which I didn’t realize even had gold flakes but it still blended and looked amazing.


Overall the items I purchased from the collection were a total win for me! I will say the highlighter in the duo palette and the “Ringer” eyeshadow look pretty identical. There is a hair difference between the two, as far a color. However, when applied to the face, the colors and formula take differently to the skin as apposed to a simple finger swatch.


L: Ringer (eyeshadow) R: Padded Down (highlighter)



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