Colourpop Week Day 3: Super Shock Shadows

Woo! Day 3 of Colourpop Week!

Today is all about some Super Shock Shadows. Now anyone who is anyone knows that these shadows are one of a kind. They’re cushion-like to the touch, soft, INCREDIBLY pigmented, and their color selection and finishes are absolutely endless. Whether you’re looking for neutral shades for everyday or want to spice up your music festival rave look, Colourpop has any color for whatever you’re looking for. To be honest, there isn’t much I can say about these individual eyeshadows, other than they’re so uniquely wonderful.

I will say however, I have not mastered applying them with a brush yet. The best possible way (in my opinion) to apply the shadows is with your fingertips. There are brushes that you can use but I personally do not have them. Also you must keep the shadows in their packaging because they will dry out if you keep the lid loose or try and put it in a Z-palette due to their formula.
Other than that the Super Shock Shadows retail for $5 a piece and are worth every inexpensive penny…so I say… stock up!

Well… we are half way through Colourpop week and I have been thoroughly enjoying sharing my lovely collection with you guys.

See you tomorrow for some Lippie Stix 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Colourpop Week Day 3: Super Shock Shadows

  1. I love Super Shock Shadows so much!! I’m from the UK and Colourpop don’t ship here, but I splashed out and paid the extra to get one from Amazon and oh my, it’s just amazing. I know what you mean about applying with brushes, but I’ve found if you go over it a few times you’ll build up the intense colour you can get from applying with your fingertips 🙂

    1. Oh goodness, I hope they shipped there in the future because all their products are excellent and inexpensive! Maybe I’ll try building it up with the brush. Thanks for the idea!!

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