Colourpop Week Day 2: Ultra Satin Lips

Hello Day 2 of my Colourpop week; today is all about the Ultra Satin Lips! This is my current satin lip collection.

These lippies are newer to the Colourpop line and they are everything you would want in an “almost” matte lip and more beyond actually being a liquid lipstick. These satin lips retail for $6, same as the Ultra Matte lips.

So here is my overall review…

I absolutely LOVE the formula of these lipsticks. They are so incredibly comfortable and pigmented. If you’re not into liquid lipstick then this is the perfect option for you to achieve a similar look. They are not drying at all but last a significant amount of time on your lips. They do transfer, so I wouldn’t go making out with anyone with them on but you could somewhat eat and drink while wearing them and the lipstick shouldn’t wear off much.

My only “complaint”…in which, it’s not that serious… is that I wish there were even more wearable everyday colors. There are certainly wearable colors but I wish there were multiple nudes and pinks but…that’s me being picky. Obviously Colourpop will come out with more and more colors and products to offer, so it will only be a matter of time until my wish is fulfilled!

Ultimately I HIGHLY recommend these Ultra Satin Lips and think they are a great match for every lippie wearer!

Make sure to check back in tomorrow for Day 3 of my Colourpop Week!

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