Colourpop Week Day 4: Lippie Stix

Day 4 of my Colourpop Week is here and today I am featuring my Lippie Stix collection. 

The Lippie Stix are my favorite line or category out of everything in Colourpop Cosmetics. They were my first purchase I ever made with the company and I believe they’re by far some of the best lipsticks I own. I would say the Lippie Stix offer a very wide range of colors, similar to the rest of the Colourpop brand and have many different finishes. I will say, I only own matte, matte x and satin formulas. I am personally not a huge gloss or sheer finish person, but they do offer them in the Lippie Stix. 

One feature of Colourpop that is really an excellent option when purchasing a Lippie Stick or actually any lip product they offer, is every color has a corresponding lip liner to accompany the lipstick. They’ll always offer, if not the same color lipliner, than an excellent color option to use with the lipsticks. 

I do not have much negative remarks about the Lippie Stix other than perhaps some colors could be brighter or darker than they appear on the online swatches. However, everyone’s skin tone is different and the lipstick will appear unique to every person who purchases a product. Colourpop always tries to provide a light, medium and dark skin tone swatch to almost every product they offer. 

The Lippie Stix retail for $5 each, you really can’t go wrong! 

Thank you for stopping by and see you tomorrow! 

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