NEW Holiday Shopping Series!

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”

Oh yes it is! I absolutely adore this time of the year, full of family, love and holiday cheer! I am that person that listens to Christmas music in October… yes, that is me.

Though it is obviously not the meaning of Christmas or the holidays, I absolutely love going gift shopping for my loved ones. Truthfully, I’m actually quite amazing at it (cue unashamed shrug). Not only do I generally have a pretty good knack for knowing what the person might love, but I am also an incredibly savvy and mindful shopper. Basically if I have my mind set on something I really want to purchase, I’ll strategically plan on when and how to purchase it!

For example…

Last year, I wanted to purchase a Keurig coffee maker. The one I wanted is retailed for $119.00. Target was running a holiday special last year, making this particular Keurig on sale for $99.00. Then following up with that sale, Target decided to make ALL coffee items (machines, k-cups, filters…etc.) 30% off for only one day. So that alone deducted my total purchase to $69.00. Then also including 5% off for using a Target Red Card, plus (I know not everyone has this perk) having one of my closest friends work at Target and letting me use their 15% off employee discount… my $119.00 Keurig was officially purchased for $55.00. That is more than a 50% savings!!!

I always have so many people consistently ask me to help them figure out how to be more savvy in their purchases, and truthfully there isn’t much to it. I am just someone who reads ALL the retail emails, keeps up with online sales, follows retailers on social media platforms and researches ways to save one items.

So for this holiday season I thought it’d be fun to do gift shopping series on the blog! I’ll post about current sales, show great deals, helpful tips, including shoppable links, etc.

So keep a look out for these posts and HAPPY HOLIDAY SHOPPING!!

Comment below if you want to read about any specific sales or things you’re looking for a deal on in particular!

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