Jouer Essential High Coverage Crème Foundation & Brush

Well, well, well…what a highly anticipated review!

I personally do not have a ton of makeup from Jouer Cosmetics in my collection, however, the little I do have…I love! So when I found out they were releasing a foundation line and watching the owner of Jouer on Snapchat demonstrate putting it on, I felt oddly compelled to make this random purchase.


Foundation Info:

Jouer Essential High Coverage Crème Foundation

According to Jouer…

“Supreme coverage, lightweight, and long wearing. Essential High Coverage Crème Foundation creates an impeccable, airbrushed matte finish instantly. Simply smooth a small amount of the concentrated formula onto the skin with Jouer’s Essential Precision Foundation Brush and buff to reveal your perfect complexion.”

  • Matte
  • $38
  • 0.68 fl oz
  • Chamomile Extract
  • Cucumber Extract
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Tripeptide Complex
  • Oil Free


Honestly, I have really grown to prefer a more dewy and glowy foundation look. So when I purchased this completely MATTE foundation, I was a little apprehensive. Just right off the bat, the packaging was super luxurious and has a great quality & weight to it. This foundation took me a second to get adjusted to due to the fact it was incredibly matte and FULLLLL COVERAGE.

So here are some very useful tips when applying this product…

  1.  A LITTLE goes a LONG way
    • Trust me when I say that you only need the tiniest drop of this stuff. Even the owner of Jouer on her Snapchat suggested one pump per application.
  2. Do one part of your face at a time
    • Because this is so full coverage and so creamy, the littlest amount goes a long way. So I personally dot a little on one side of my face, see how far it goes and then go from there…because there is nothing worse than over caking your face with matte foundation.
  3. Love the brush
    • I do believe the brush applies this foundation beautifully and considering you can purchase this brush as a bundle to the foundation for a discounted price, I say it is worth it! Plus I use it for other things! Super great for blending the foundation down your neck too.
  4. Keep a beauty sponge handy
    • I can never do my makeup without a beauty blender or some kind of beauty sponge. If the foundation seems a little over caked or a little streaky around certain places, blot that damp sponge right over those problem places and its sure to help!


Overall I think this is a beautiful and luxurious foundation! Has this conformed me over to the “matte side”, no. Considering I have more dry skin, I still crave a more youthful, radiant complexation. However, I will say this foundation is absolutely stunning in photos or perfect for events/occasions where you’ll be photographed. I will definitely continue to use this foundation in my makeup application!

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