GLAMGLOW SuperMud Clearing Treatment

Happy Monday!

Nothing like starting off the week with a fresh mud mask. The GLAMGLOW Super Mud Clearing Treatment was actually just hitting the Sephora shelves back when I worked there about 3 or 4 years ago. At the time, I wasn’t super into skincare and I remember thinking… “WOW $69 for that little thing??? “. Yes, all GLAMGLOW products are generally $69 a pop for all their unique and cool masks and they satisfy a large array of different skin types. Well luckily I am blessed to have a great best friend who ended up buying this for me and another GLAMGLOW mask last Christmas since she knew how much I wanted it.


If you ever want to try this mask but afraid to take the financial plunge, walk into Sephora and get a sample. People tend to not realize they can request a sample of certain things and I always highly recommend getting one of a facial mask. So basically I would use a sample here and there but ultimately I ended up getting a full one to myself and was hooked from that point on. blog-1

My skin type is dry and not very problematic. I do have a blemish here and there or blackheads for sure but what I love about this mask is when I just need a deep, suck out the dirt, clean…this does it with ease. When applied to the skin, in goes on like a dark gunmetal grey. When drying, you can start seeing all the dirt pulling up to the surface through your pores and begin drying to a light grey finish. I love that!!! Seriously, there is something satisfying about pulling up all the gunk out of your pores.

Now, I am not exactly the best and prime candidate for these types of masks since I am more dry and not very acne prone but once I clean off my mask,I go in with my Clinique Moisturizer and I am good as new!

Hope you enjoyed that wonderful mask Monday! Have a wonderful rest of the week and see you soon.

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