Japonesque Kumadori Blending Brush Review

So for Christmas, my best friend gifted me this unique little brush by Japonesque Kumadori. At first glance, it looks incredibly similar to the Nars Kabuki Ita Brush, however, it is a little shorter in size and has longer and fatter bristles. I couldn’t wait to give this brush a try for contouring and see if it blended well and not give any harsh lines.



When I first went to use this brush, I was a little unsure how to use it because it was a little thick and softer than what I usually use. But with a very light hand I began to carve our my contour while also blending upward in slight circular motion. I used the Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Palette to contour and I have to say…it worked like a dream. It laid the powder smoothly on my face and didn’t make my contour look patchy or harsh. What I also enjoyed is how I did not have to “bake” under my contour to clean up anything because the line was nice and sharp without being to dramatic.


Overall, I would highly recommend the Japonesque Kumadori Blending Brush, especially if you were curious about using the Nars Ida brush, this maybe a good option to try. It is soft, affordable and easy to use.


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