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Who has never used the classic white sponge wedge to apply makeup? You know, the flimsy little thing to slap on a little foundation? Well, this beauty community has certainly stepped up the sponge game quite a bit. That being said, I wanted to do a comparison between the two leading beauty sponges that most makeup goes use currently; a high-end and drugstore option. I used both sponges the same way and for the same applications; I get the sponge completely submerge in water prior to use and then squeeze out any remaining liquid before applying makeup. Then I used it to apply foundation, concealer, baking, etc.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge $6.99real-technique-sponge

  • This sponge is unique already due to its shape, it starts as a tear drop but then leads a flat edge. First off, the sponge holds quite a bit of water so you really need to ring it out prior to makeup use because it does make a difference. When I first used the sponge it did somewhat throw me off with the flat portion of the applicator. It was almost as if you only needed to do 3 dabs and you were done because it covers quite a bit of face. However, once I got the hang of the Real Techniques sponge after a few uses, it wasn’t bad at all. I also used it dry for certain touch ups and powder and it worked really well. The sponge blends the makeup flawlessly and did the trick for ultimately what I was looking for. I will say I felt that the sponge sucked up a lot of product, so it wasted a little bit more of makeup then I would like. However, overall pretty good for a drugstore purchase.


BeautyBlender $20


  • First things first, the price. About 3 years ago, I would have NEVER spent that kind of money for a simple little pink sponge. However, one day…I just decided to take the plunge due to all the hype and I never looked back. This sponge is makeup application life changing. The beautyblender spreads the makeup flawlessly and smooths out your foundation and concealer for full face perfection. When wet, it has a bouncy and light texture that helps spread foundation evenly. It also does not hold a lot of water or suck up a ton of product; I believe it optimizes the most amount of makeup it can. My dog unfortunately chewed up my beautyblender and while I had to wait for my Sephora order to come in, its like I didn’t even know how to put on makeup. I have relied so much on this sponge, its like I never picked up a brush before!


The End Result:

Whats the end result? I think the Real Technique Miracle Complexion Sponge is a great drugstore option; it does the trick and does exactly what it claims to do. It is a wonderful backup sponge for when my dog decides to be a menace again. However, I will continue to purchase the beautyblender over and over because I know just how great and flawless it applies my makeup. So either or will do but I personally LOVE the beautyblender and it will always be my holy grail makeup applicator.


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