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This post has been a long time coming! Truth be told, I am the worst at cleaning my makeup brushes. I am super lazy about it since its such a long cleaning process and takes forever to dry. However, The Brush Bar was so kind to send me over 2 of their main brush cleaning sets and honestly…. I’m a little shook.

They sent me a Brush Board, which consists of 6 groove designs to target all your brush cleaning needs. As well as their famous “Brush Bar“, which is a total brush drying game changer.

I usually would wash my makeup brushes with some olive oil and dish soap but I figured for the sake of time, I thought I’d try the ecotools brush shampoo (which can occasionally be found at Marshall’s too). Thankfully, the shampoo was actually amazing and you only needed a little drop per brush for the perfect clean.

Each brush took about 2 minutes to wash, depending on how thick it was. But honestly, these tools made my cleaning process incredibly simple, I was blown away! My brushes were almost instantly clean and didn’t even have to break a sweat to do it.

After each brush, I carefully placed it in my Brush Bar to dry and BAM, all done. What’s so great about the brush bar is that it allows the brushes to dry downward, saving the hassle of waiting forever!!

I would HIGHLY recommend this cleaning set if you are someone like me who is the worst a cleaning your makeup brushes routinely!

It was easy, fast and I was able to use them the following morning 😍 can’t go wrong!

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