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I think all of the Instagram beauty-goers out there had a field day when Colourpop dropped the release date of their NEW No Filter Concealers…… including me. Though I have had luck with makeup release dates and snagging products, I knew I had to act fast as soon as these concealers hit the site.

These concealers claim to be a…

“Our lightweight, creamy concealer formulated with soft blurring pigments to give you a creaseproof, matte finish. No filter needed.” –



Each concealer is retailed for $6 and carries .14oz of product in each tube.

So before I get into my honest review, I will say these concealers do oxidize (which means when the product is introduced to oxygen, the shade will darken slightly). Now if you have read other reviews or watched them on YouTube, then you’ve probably heard that 10x already…but for all the newbies out there reading this post…it is important to know. Also a little goes a LONNNNNGGGG way with these concealers, so apply sparingly; especially if you plan on contouring with them.

Ok, now that that’s out of the way…

The Colourpop Concealers are AMAZING! I absolutely love the formula! It is incredibly light weight, blends beautifully to that perfect skin-like finish (I always use a beauty blender or makeup sponge for blending out), lasts all day…it is so good! The oxidizing of the product doesn’t honestly bother me because at the end of the day it still looked flawless and exactly how I wanted it. It didn’t darken so much that it ruined my makeup, only very slightly did it change.

Like I said, learn from my mistake and use this product with a light hand because it goes a long way. Also if you are use to an incredibly thick and full coverage concealer like the Mac Pro-Long Wear or Tarte Shape Tape, these might feel a little underwhelming because they’re so light weight. However, I am a huge fan of both those concealers, but I am obsessed with how lightweight and smooth the Colourpop ones appear on my skin.

My concealer shades:

Fair 5 (very light for me, use it sparingly for desired highlighted areas)

Light Neutral 15 (my perfect shade)

Tan 50 (use for contouring, very warm but I love a more warm bronze look then cool-toned. Use sparingly, can be built up.)


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