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I am always, always, ALWAYS asked about my current haircare routine. I would definitely say my hair is one of my staple beauty looks and I always try to keep it looking shinny, full and healthy. I have always had long, straight hair for the majority of my life but I have tweeked and perfected my haircare routine for what I personally desire.

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My Own 3 Hair Tips:

So these are just certain things I have done beyond using products to make sure my hair remains healthy and the colors stays in tact for a long time.

  1. Wash my hair once a week:
    • Trust me when I say, I know that sounds disgusting but it honestly works for me. My hair generally doesn’t get too greasy until day 4 or 5; making it simple to pull off washing it once a week. I did have to “train” my hair though; in high school I would wash my hair almost everyday and it would get very dry and brittle. However, once I started ombre-ing my hair, I made a conscience decision to only wash every 5 days and it WORKED! Made my hair 10x healthier and then over time my hair got less and less greasy off the bat.
  2. Layering my hair:
    • It took me until my sophomore year in college to actually let my “hair emotions” go (all the long hair ladies know what I mean) and actually cut my hair in layers. My best friend would tell you, I was a total baby…. BUT I got through it and never looked back. I get, as you can see from the photo, very long layers and it has changed my overall look for the better. My hair gained more volume, definitely helped with the grease as well, and made it easier to maintain in the long run. I cut my hair about every 6-8 months.
  3. Not a lot of hot tools:
    • I personally have naturally straight hair, so luckily, I am not tied down to a flat iron every single day. Every blue moon, I will curl my hair but it is not an everyday situation as well just because of how long my hair is. I do blow dry my hair often, but usually just the top so my part isn’t all over the place. So all in all, I am not opposed to using hot tools but I believe using it sparingly will keep your hair healthy and full.

Current Haircare Products:

  1. Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque $36

2287249I have used this stuff for YEARS and it is AMAZING! However, it wasn’t until about a year ago when I was watching a Casey Holmes YouTube video that she said she used this as conditioner… and I thought… genius! Why didn’t I think of that considering I only wash my hair once a week?! This product is a deep hydrating conditioning mask that you leave on for about 5-7minutes when washing your hair. It is infused with macadamia and argon oil, insuring the ultimate silky clean that we all desire.

I know this is a pricey product but Ulta always has specials going on with this line (I bought my last one for $17) and I always see the old packing tubs at Marshals or TJMaxx for half the price. GO BUY!



2. Living Proof Full Thickening Cream $27

full-cream-pdp-top_1I also have been using this product for YEARS thanks to… you guessed… Casey Holmes… and it gives my hair that little extra lift and volume I always desire. I use about a dime size amount in my hand and scrunch along the crown and front of my hair. I know…another pricey item but I personally pick up the travel size ($15) considering I don’t use it everyday and I don’t have to worry about it when obviously, traveling.

3. Renewing Argan Oil of Moroccan Penetrating Oil $7.99


This stuff is AMAZING! I always like to make sure I have some kind of softening serum on my ends of my hair and this stuff takes the cake for me. As well, I have used this product for years after receiving it as a gift. Very inexpensive and a little goes a long way. Perfect for keeping the ends soft and luxurious!

And that’s it!

Hope you enjoyed my current haircare routine, let me know if there is something you suggest that you use in your routine!

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