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Well summer is vastly approaching and new trends are starting to blossom as quickly as the weather begins to heat up and one delicious craze that has everyone talking is the simple popsicle lip. Yup, like the frozen treat, popsicle. Essentially it is the illusion of color slightly bolder on the inside and center of the lips and then lightly fading outward, as if you were eating a popsicle.

Well Colourpop decided to take that trend and run with it, creating their NEW Blotted Lips. They released 2 different formulas, after the raved Alexis Ren x Colourpop collab that featured the release of two blotted lip products, known as the Blotted Lip and Ultra Blotted Lip.

  • Blotted Lip: Weightless, Defused, Natural
  • Ultra Blotted Lip: Light Weight, Transfer-Proof, Matte



I personally purchased 2 of the blotted lips and 1 ultra blotted lip and I have to say…I am a fan! Both formulas are incredibly light weight and the perfect amount of blendable pigment to achieve that simple washed color lip look.


IMG_1502 (2)
L-R: Candy Floss, Drip, Zuma
L-R (blended out): Candy Floss, Drip, Zuma


The Ultra Blotted Lip is so unique for all makeup goers; it is completely matte and dries down comfortably. I will say the less build up, the more comfortable it will be with this particular product. The formula almost blurs out any lines and provides a very airbrush, mousy, effect to the lips. Almost making my lips look fuller and natural with the perfect amount of color.

The Blotted Lip is a great option for just the natural, light color to add to a simple look. They blend so beautifully to just be able to dab a little on the lips and rub it out with your finger (which could be built up as well).


R-L: Drip, Candy Floss


Overall I would highly recommend these Colourpop lip products, especially for summer. I think this would look absolutely stunning with a great tan and a soft strobbing glow. Plus they’re so comfy, you wont even know its there!

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10 thoughts on “Colourpop Blotted Lips

    1. The ultra blotted lips are definitely more comfortable than the ultra mattes!! But less is more with the blotted lip, if you build them up… they’re not as comfortable than one layer but still very wearable!😘

      1. Sorry, I should’ve been more specific. I meant to ask if the Ultra Blotted are more drying than the regular Blotted. I am so uncomfortable in a liquid matte but I love the original Lippie Stix in a matte formula so I was hoping the case is the same with the Blotted lines.

      2. Yeah! They’re very comfortable! I would for sure give them a try. Just use a light layer and let it dry. It is very very comfortable and lasts all day!

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