Kylie Cosmetics The Burgundy Palette Review

Well well well it’s time that I probably test something else out from the Kylie Cosmetics line besides one of her lip glosses (in which… I don’t wear lip gloss. So… I don’t know why I purchased it. However, the product is great!). 

None the less… despite wanting to give her matte lip kits a try, I knew the moment I saw the new Kyshadow palette, I had to have it. The Burgundy Palette has my kind of colors; full of warm, cranberry and orange deliciousness. It’s pretty much Thanksgiving in a palette. Can’t go wrong. 

So… after stalking the Kylie Cosmetics website and dishing out $42 + $8 for shipping, I was shocked I was able to snag a palette in the first production cycle. Yippie! 


Off the bat, I was surprised by how small and sleek the packaging actually looked in person (not a negative characteristic, just surprised). Of course, the cover with the eyes and color drips is simply gorgeous and super unique. But then the moment you crack open the fresh seal and open up the palette…. UGH, perfection. The colors are stunning and perfectly sized (same size as Mac Cosmetic eyeshadows).  I couldn’t wait to dip my grimy fingers all up in those eyeshadows.

Unfortunately, at first… I wasn’t completely impressed by the finger swatches. I don’t know if perhaps I needed to “warm them up” or what but they were not as buttery as I was hoping for them to be. However, I knew that it’s not about how they swatch on my arm… But how they would blend and look on my eyes!

Good news is, they worked like a dream on my eyes. So stunning, blendable and warm. The shimmers are very pigmented and bold and the color variety of the mattes are exactly what I love. 

My only couple of negatives (but not a big deal) would be that I wish they had a classic matte vanilla shade. I know everyone has been saying that, but it is true. Something about a matte vanilla is very satisfying and useful in a palette. Also, I will say the matte “Burgundy” shade in the center of the palette is pretty chalky. I understand that usually red undertones in eyeshadow formulas will have a chalkier consistency sometimes… But I did notice it specifically in this eyeshadow. However, it does still blend very well on the eyes, so ultimately not the worst thing. 

Overall, I love the palette and I am very pleased to have purchased it. Though, if you are someone that loves these same kinds of burgundy and orange colors and cannot seem to get your hands on the Kylie Cosmetics palette (because you know it’s practically a bidding war just to even get on the site when a new product drops) then I would HIGHLY recommend the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. Honestly, one of the BEST eyeshadow palettes I have ever used and has the same color scheme of the burgundy Kyshadows. CLICK HERE to read my review and view swatches on the ABH Modern Renaissance palette. 

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    1. Thank you 🙂
      Totally understand! It gorgeous but if you want to ever sludge on a palette with similar colors… go for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette! Amazing pigment, buttery, gorgeous and you get more eyeshadow shades, mirror and brush for the same price as the Kylie palette.
      Thank you so much for stopping by!

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