Hair Tutorial: Big Fluffy Curls


Lord, 2015 has been quite the year for me… Major milestones, as well as life changing lows; but my gut is telling me 2016 is going to be MY year and I am thoroughly looking forward to it!

So what better way to end this crazy year then with a hair tutorial? Nothing like doing big fluffy curls, just in time for all the champagne popping and New Years kisses.

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Let’s do this…

Step 1: Seperate your hair, starting with the bottom


Step 2: Warm up curling wand

I personally use a Nume 32mm magic wand; if you’re interested in Nume products, they generally will always run wand and product specials frequently!

Step 3: While section into off smaller pieces of hair, start curling AWAY from your face


Step 4: Carefully let the warm curl lay in your hand to cool 

Try to keep the form of the spiral in your hand; the idea is to let the curl cool while still maintaining its shape.

Step 5: Grab a bobby pin or small clip and begin to roll the curl close to the root and pin it up, creating a pin curl. 

Step 6: Now, keep going until your hair is completely pinned up 


Step 7: Now… We wait…

The longer you leave the curls pinned up, the more likely the curl will hold longer because we are letting them set and cool.

Give your hair a little hairspray while you wait.

Step 8: After you wait awhile, time for the exciting part….lets take out the curls!


Step 9: Run your fingers through your fresh curls
Don’t go too crazy, you just want to loosen the curls up a bit.

Step 10: Now this is nice, but I like to take it a step further and give  the curls a little comb lift

Gently comb upwards, this is only a touch to volumize the curls, you don’t want to pull out any form.   

Step 11: annnnddddd Wah-La! Your big fluffy curls are complete!


Hope everyone has an incredible New Year! Be safe and I will see you next year! 

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