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Who’s jaw didn’t drop the moment the Topaz bronze and highlighting powder duo released all over social media??? It looked perfect, the highlight was a gorgeous gold champagne color and the bronze had a warm tone to it. I was SO excited! Then the rest of the collection featured one Ultra Matte and one Ultra Satin lip, as well as 3 new “blotted lipsticks”. The collection as a whole was pretty show stopping but the 2 products that I knew I had to get were the Topaz palette and the Ultra Matte in “Little Weapon”.


Little Weapon Ultra Matte is a gorgeous BRIGHT summer red. I think it will look absolutely stunning with a little tan and a simple highlight, pop on this color and you’re good to go!


The Ultra Matte formulas don’t bother me at all, some people think they are drying but I personally don’t have any issues with them. I use a very light layer of chapstick whenever I decide to wear any liquid lipstick and it generally works like a charm.

Topaz Palette is STUNNING! From the formula, color, wear and all, this product is excellent. I was worried that the color for both the highlight and the bronzer would be too warm on my very very fair skin, however, to my surprise it looked amazing. I personally like a warmer bronzer, so I just used a light hand when applying and it looked exactly what I wanted. The highlight ended up giving this amazing “glow from within” look, a more radiant appearance than having a gold streak on top of my cheek. So ultimately I am very happy with this product, and for $15 you can’t beat that!



Overall both these products from the Alexis Ren x Colourpop collection were an absolute hit and it makes me incredibly excited to see what Colourpop has in store for us in the future now that they introduced pressed powders to their line.

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