Review: Colourpop Crème Gel Liners

Hello Beauties! 

Here is a simple and quick review on the Colourpop Cosmetic Crème Gel Liners.

I know these gel liners have been out for sometime now but I haven’t had the urge to purchase any until Kathleen Lights came out with her collab recently that included some liners and new lippies. So I decided to pick up her collab plus 2 more. 

“Mr. Bing” (Kathleen Lights callab) a warm brown, “Big O” maroon purple, “Fast Lane” deep emerald green blue

(Don’t mind the lightning bults, I was watching Harry Potter ⚡️)

These gel liners are absolutely beautiful and the pigmentation is stunning. I’m obsessed with all the colors I purchased. Plus the price point is spot on at $6 a pop. 

One thing I will say… these liners dry incredibly fast, making them very long lasting. However, if you’re a little shaky or uncertain about using gel liner, then these will not be easy to work with since they dry very fast. But if you’re confident, then give these a try!

There’s my quick little review on some always loved Colourpop goodies.


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