it’s me, Christy Leigh.


Welcome to a little piece of me.

For the reader who loves beauty, fashion, life and a little adventure…then this might be the place for you.

My whole life, I trained in dance. You know Dance Moms? Yeah, that was me. Well, I obviously did a more traditional route than they did but I spent all my time in a studio, my weekends at competitions and I practically lived in a leotard and had faded red stained lips. Once I moved up to college, I discovered that dance competition T-shirts and raggedy old sweats weren’t going to cut it anymore and that I had to reinvent a style for myself. I wouldn’t say I am a person obsessed with high-end fashion but I certainly love to shop and enjoy styling my own look and trend. Makeup on the other hand is a whole new ballgame. I always loved beauty and makeup but my obsession has only grown over the years! But that’s okay, why not?

A little more fun facts about me…

I am a girl in love with seasons… come September 1st, I am a whole new person. I would like to think I am a complete holiday enthusiast.

I am a writer, sometimes a reader & love a good movie.

I am completely and totally in love.

Yellow is my favorite color.”Black” is 85% of my wardrobe.

I have a tuxedo cat named Rupert.

I am obsessed with acai bowls.

I rep the Garnet & Gold, FSU Alumni!

Absolutely nothing like a good Harry Potter marathon.

Baker, choreographer, Pinterest addict and above all, God comes first.

There you have it, a tiny minor snippet of me, Christy Leigh.



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Beauty & Fashion Blogger! Yellow is my color of choice & black is my outfit of choice. Dancer, baker, holiday enthusiast, Pinterest addict & FSU!

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